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Shipping container transport

DTC specialises in shipping container transport. We make sure that your shipping container gets to your chosen destination safe and sound, be it in the Netherlands or overseas.

DTC has a wide variety of special equipment for all kinds of transport solutions. From extra-wide to extra-long, from extra-heavy to extra-tall, or a combination of these different requirements.

DTC is standing by to assist you. You can hire a container from us and fill it yourself. The container you hire from us can be stored for the short or long term. At your request, we then deliver your items to your chosen destination.

We have various vehicles at our disposal for the transportation of the different kinds of shipping containers (20′, 40′, 45′):

  • truck/trailer combinations for transporting 20′ containers;
  • fixed-frame chassis trucks, suitable for certain kinds of containers;
  • slider chassis trucks, suitable for transporting all kinds of containers;
  • combi-trailers, which can be divided into two; and
  • gen-set chassis, to provide cooling to containers while they are being transported.

All transport equipment comes with loading/unloading cranes and side-ladders. Worldwide shipping is another of the many options DTC offers. In addition to container transport, you can also call upon DTC for the following:

  • Container storage and trans-shipment
  • The transport of cranes up to 90 tonnes
  • The provision of exceptional transport
  • Transport of long objects
  • Unit transport

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